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Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah

Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah were initially active between 2001-2007.
The band achieved great success in Japan, issuing a collection of demos entitled Dial M For Mitzvah in 2006 entering the Japanese top 40 albums chart, and again with the album ‘Get Your Mood On’ in 2007. They played sold out tours of Japan in January 2006 and Jaunary 2007.They have released four singles in the UK: Jimmy White/Lucy, To The Ramones , The Grass and Kick Him Out/Young Pretender. They released their debut UK album, Get Your Mood On, on December 4, 2006.

The band consist of: Dave Lazer (Vocals/Guitar), Dr Robert (Guitar/Vocals), General Wolfe (Drums/Vocals) and Baco (Bass/Vocals).

The band received single of the week in The Guardian for ‘To The Ramones and toured in the UK and Europe extensively throughout 2006-07 to promote the album ‘Get Your Mood On’. The Album sold out on pre-order . The band also toured with The Paddingtons and The Others earlier on in their career and shared the stage with bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles, Supergrass , KISS and Aerosmith.

In late 2006 the band made front page news in South Korea as they had reportedly held discussions with Kim Jong-un (son of Kim Jong-IL, leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) about playing a concert in Pyongyang. Jong-un had secretly attended a concert in Tokyo in January 2006. Although initial discussions were held, Jong-un suddenly fell silent and negotiations broke down. Had the concert gone ahead, Dustin’s would have been the first western band to perform in the city since 1944.

The band decided to split in April 2007 following disagreements with the bands UK label. In the time between the initial split and reformation, Baco has worked in South America converting rabbit hutches into state of the art ovens, Dave launched an unsuccessful attempt to design the logo to the London Olympics (his effort was deemed highly offensive), Dr Robert formed the band Lion Tops and General Wolfe went on to form Totem and produce under the moniker ‘Zeebra’.

Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah plan to record new material in 2011.